Posted Thu 11, 2021
Design Features: Yay Or Nay?

Before we begin, a point of clarification is needed: is it “yay” or nay, or, “yea” or nay?

Merriam Webster’s dictionary says “yea” but Cambridge English Dictionary says “yay.”

First-world problems, and all that.  But this will bother me all day…

In the spirit of sayings, idioms, and adages, how about this one:

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

While “trash” and “treasure” are surely hyperbolic, I think it’s reasonable to conclude that what some people like, others might not.

Well, what else is new?

When it comes to real estate, this is incredibly apparent.  Whether it’s a person’s desired neighbourhood, or the housing style, or even the premium that buyer places on real estate criteria, every buyer is different.

Now and again, I’ll find a photo of a feature or design element of a property and share it with my team; whoever happens to be around, and responds to my all-encompassing, “Hey, check this out!”  But I find, more often than not, most features or design elements are hit or miss.  Some like them, some don’t.  And if I’m saying, “Look at this awful wallpaper,” the person I’m talking to is equally as likely to say, “That is terrible,” as they are to say, “I actually kind of like that.”

I’ve been keeping a folder of design elements that I both like and don’t.

I want to share those, and get some feedback on whether these are a “yay” or whether they represent a “nay.”


What do you think about going off the beaten path for kitchen cabinets?

Most are white or some shade of brown.

How about blue kitchen cabinets?

I actually like it!

It’s nice to look at, very cool reno, and fun.

Source: Yay or Nay